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Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins Now Available!

Posted by MilkyMomma on 11/21/2014 to Prenatal Vitamins
Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins Now Available!
Today on the blog we are excited to announce a new addition to our online inventory of Prenatal Vitamins to you in a brand WE love and trust, that YOU'RE sure to love too... Rainbow Light - The #1 Prenatal Brand!

It's going to light up your 'PRENATAL POSTNATAL' needs and leave you feeling energized and strong. That's right momma! 

Laid back breast feeding...

Posted by MilkyMomma on 11/10/2014 to Breastfeeding
Laid back breast feeding...
Otherwise known as 'biological nurturing' is a term coined by Dr. Suzanne Colson in 2008 and one of the newest approaches to breastfeeding that is tailored to the natural instincts and reflexes of a newborn-infant baby.

How is it biological? Well, we tend to be quick to intervene in the process, but if we were to step out of the picture and allow a baby the time on his own to demonstrate this natural reflex (even straight from the womb), he will do so. The key is that we are "laid back" about it, quite literally, in our reclined position as well as 'mentally' (as stress does nothing positive for breastfeeding).