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Native Remedies - Nature's Milk Drops (2oz)

Native Remedies - Nature's Milk Drops (2oz)

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Promotes Increase Breast Milk

Nature's Milk Drops

Herbal remedy to promote healthy breast milk production and lactation for trouble-free breastfeeding

  • Supports the healthy flow of milk
  • Maintains healthy lactation in the nursing mother
  • Acts as digestive support for mother and baby

What is Nature’s Milk Drops?

Nature's Milk Drops is a 100% natural remedy containing herbal ingredients specially chosen for their abilities to support lactation and thereby act as excellent natural breastfeeding support for the nursing mother.

Like all Native Remedies products, Nature’s Milk Drops is formulated to the highest standards and manufactured under strict conditions for a healthier, more natural existence for you and your loved ones. Regular use of Nature's Milk Drops after delivery will help to get your breastfeeding routine running smoothly; helping both you and your baby to enjoy the special health and emotional benefits that breastfeeding brings.

Nature’s Milk Drops is also of great benefit to mother and baby throughout the breastfeeding months to promote healthy lactation and support a healthy supply of breast milk for your baby, allowing both you and your baby to enjoy the special health and emotional benefits that breastfeeding brings!

Your Nature's Milk Drops remedy is fantastic… within 48 hours there was a difference and my milk flow really took off! - Caitlin, GA, USA

Ingredients: Goat's Rue, Milk Thistle,  Fenugreek

How to use: Add 0.50 mL to approximately ¼ cup of boiled water, allow to cool and take 3 times daily. Each 2 fl oz bottle of Nature’s Milk Drops taken at the recommended serving of 15 drops three times a day should last between 3-4 weeks.

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