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that little annoying problem called ‘mastitis’…

Posted by MilkyMomma on 10/31/2014 to Mastitis Natural Relief
that little annoying problem called ‘mastitis’…
Many, if not most nursing mommas have been there a time or two and it is NO fun. my husband and i were enjoying the weekly date night this past weekend and all was well (or so i though). sitting in the comfiest leather reclining chairs at our favorite full-service luxury theatre, sipping on cocktails, hands deep in the BEST chili popcorn in town, in the middle of the newest thriller ‘Gone Girl’ when suddenly that achy …awful feeling in my body hit me like a ton of bricks…ughhhhhh. :(

As I could literally feel it working its way from my head to my toes and the pain in my left breast my first thought was “nooooooo, not again.” and of course like clockwork, just a couple hours later by the time we were in bed came the full blown aches and pains and the total body chills. it took everything in me not to break down in tears as my husband caressed my back and comforted me.