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MILKY! All Natural Lactation Supplement (SOLD OUT)
MILKY! All Natural Lactation Supplement

MILKY! All Natural Lactation Supplement (SOLD OUT)

Sorry, This Product Is Out Of Stock
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Sorry this product is sold out.

Milky! Herbal Tea Supplement For Lactation Enhancement

  • Natural & Organic
  • Promotes lactation using healthy ingredients
  • Just drink 2 small bottles per day - Quick & Easy!
Milky! is a natural and organic herbal tea supplement that promotes lactation using the healthiest of ingredients. Why go through the hassle of making a hot tea three times a day that doesn’t taste good when you can drink Milky! anytime, anywhere? Just drink two bottles a day, and you’re on the way to a healthier lifestyle while nourishing your baby.

Milky! is for the nursing mother. Not for use during pregnancy.


MILKY! PRICING - please note there is a $5 handling fee for each order but over all we still have the best prices! :)


  1 Box    -  $28.99 each
  5 Boxes - $25.99 each
10 Boxes - $24.99 each + FREE 1 Tube Stretchy
15 Boxes - $22.99 each + FREE 2 Tubes Stetchy
20 Boxes - $21.99 each + FREE 3 Tubes Stretchy

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