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Welcome to MilkyMomma

About MilkyMommaMilkyMomma started with the vision to provide a place of breastfeeding support and encouragement for mothers everywhere. As ‘pro-breast milk mommies’ ourselves we believe that the element of natural biological makeup of breast milk is unparalleled by formula and the absolute best that we can give our babies in their first six months to a year of life to help strengthen their developing immune systems and protect them from sickness and disease. In a nutshell, God knew what He was doing when He created a woman’s body to sustain and nourish another life. That, in and of itself, is a priceless and beautiful thing that only we mothers get to experience; what a privilege. Our motto, “the milk is there, why not use it?” But we also know that it doesn’t come without its challenges. If there is one thing most of us mommas can relate to at one point in time or another, it is the worry and frustration surrounding the fear of whether or not we are producing enough milk for our angel(s).

And so, MilkyMomma came about from the sincere desire to help you, sweet momma, kick that fear in the arse and to tell you that ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’ We know you’re exhausted; we know you’re in pain; and we know you’re worried at times, but we also know that when you look down at your sweet little love as he is peacefully enjoying that wonderfully nourishing, tasty milk in the comfort of his mother’s loving embrace— there’s nothing that compares to the joy and bonding in it. It’s in the beauty of knowing that this incredible body of yours is sustaining him with nourishment and comfort. We know because we share in that joy with you! To help pregnant and nursing mommas everywhere, we are constantly brainstorming and searching for the best supplements and products available to offer you here at your one-stop-MilkyMomma-shop. Our hearts, ears, and arms are wide open to you and we welcome every question and/or concern. We would love to hear about your own breastfeeding triumphs and tragedies. We hope you’ll feel as though you’ve found a safe place here and most importantly we hope to help you along as your personal cheerleaders throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys.

Thanks for shopping with us!